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Helping my child

Whether your child is a high flyer or finds school life difficult, there are always ways that we can help them achieve their potential. The main focus of our teaching will always be literacy and numeracy. Please look at how we teach this by viewing our Read, write, inc page and Big Maths page. 

Also we have attached a variety of information that could help in all areas of the curriculum in the Documents to help you, help your child section. 

Every May children all over Wales undertake National and Numeracy Tests. Follow this link to view and download sample materials. Helping your child with these examples at home will help them greatly during their tests. Click here. 

Further links 

Parent Portal

Below is a more information on what we do and what you can do to make children believe and achieve. 

Please if there is any more information you would like on an area of learning or have suggestions for us then please just let us know on the comments box. Please keep it positive.
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