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Language Support

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Hello, and welcome to Troedyrhiw Community Primary School's Language Support page. In Language Support, the children work in small groups in order to develop their skills in reading and spelling. We use a variety of resources during our lessons, which enable the children to develop resilience and self-confidence in literacy skills, both in school and in the outside world.

Children are identified as requiring Language Support through Individual Education Plans (IEPs,) National Tests and teachers' assessments. Their progress is monitored regularly, and their targets change accordingly. They discuss their targets with their class teacher and the Language Support teacher, so that they take ownership of their learning. Children's targets are monitored and changed at least once each term. 

As a school community, we encourage parents and carers to support their children at home. Websites are available with fun activities to do at home, such as and where our children can develop their reading and spelling skills through playing interactive games. We also encourage families to use the local Library Service, with local authority libraries being available in Aberfan and Ynysowen Community Centre, and in Merthyr Tydfil Central Library. Children must bring in the Reading Diaries on a daily basis, in order to support their learning.