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Year 6 / Blwyddyn 6

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6, Dosbarth Porforr - Mr. Bowen 

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Planting trees

Planting Trees
End of term fun

Christmas Walk 

Manequin Challenge

 Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.


Chinese Food Questionnaire

Our themes for the year are; 

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

More than Mods and Rockers 

Bend and Flow 

Scream Machine 

Beast Creator 

Heroes and Villains 



This term  - Scream Machine 

The first two weeks are dedicated to 'Around the World' theme - the country we will be studying is China. 



Theme / Text


Narrative - Harry Potter Week. 

Poetry - Haiku / Kennings; Personal poetry.

Explanation - Minibeasts and their behaviours.

Script writing - Goosebumps.


Revision for  National Numeracy Tests.

Multiplying HTU by TU. Multiplying decimals. Adding and subtracting decimals. Long division. 

Ordering decimals. 

Reading and writing numbers past a million.

Fractions / decimals / percentages. Finding fractions and percentages of amounts. Finding the cost of discounted items. 

Working with brackets. BODMAS.

Revision of past papers

Co-ordinates in 4 quadrants. 

Averages - mean, medium and mode. Range.

Topic / Science 

Beast Creator - A Super strength aphid is destroying crops all over Europe. Your task is research minibeasts to assist you in developing your own 'prototype' superbug which can help to destroy the aphids hoards across the continent. Scientists of Troedyrhiw - you are only hope.

What do we know about minibeasts?
Create a non-fiction booklet on categories of minibeasts.
Learn about adaptation and interdependence of animals.
Minibeasts hunt - presenting information.
Design and make our own 'Superbug'.
Present our superbug to an audience persuading them that your superbug is the best solution to the aphid problem.


Coding - Hour of Code

Branching databases.


Arwyr - Heroes. Completing a sgwrs between you and your hero.

'Tim Cymru' Welsh poem. Eisteddfod week.


Story of creation.


Games and gymnastics. 


The most important homework for your child will always be their reading. Your child will bring home his/her reading book every night with their own reading record. 

Please sign the reading record book to indicate your child has read.

 The class will also have as set of spelling words to learn each Friday and will be assessed on these the following Friday. The children have been given their spellings for the Springterm in a yellow book which they should bring back and forth to school everyday.

 Mathematics homework will be given out on a Friday and should be completed and returned the following Wednesday. The homework given is difficult and gets more so as the activity goes on. I only expect children to complete sections A and B. Section C is at the discretion of the parent.

 From time there may be a topic-based project that will require more time to complete. 


We will have P.E. on Mondays. Please ensure that your child has their kit in school (shorts, trainers, t-shirt – no hoods) on these days and that they are wearing no jewellery.  All children are expected to participate in PE lessons.

 Helping your child 

There are a variety of websites that can be helpful to assist your child with their learning. There are so many to list the best case is often simply to google what you’d like to find. The Welsh assembly have created a website where parents can gain access to a range of materials. This can be found at

For example, the children have to complete Mathematical Reasoning tests at the end of the year. Here is the link to the support materials. (You’ll see how difficult they are and what they children in each year are expected to achieve.)

 We also use a range of devices in school to assist with learning. Some of the key apps we used that are linked to the ipads include pages, imovies and numbers.



9 – 9.45 Learning Carousel

9.45 – 10 Welsh

Spelling Test

10 - 11

11.15 – 12.15

Lunch 12.15 – 1

1 – 1.15 Assembly 

1.20 – 2.10

2.20 – 3.20


















Mathematics – Problem Solving / Reasoning






CLIC tests

Friday Challenge – Problem Solving




(Mrs. J. Rosser)


PSHE / Circletime

( Mrs. J Rosser)


If you have any concerns or queries anytime throughout this term, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and discuss them with me.


Many thanks,


C Bowen


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