Sample Questions 

Not sure if you'd like trivia? This is a sample week's questions. Remember, you can have up to 6 people on your team! 


Round 1 Questions

1: How long does it take for a lobster to grow to 1 pound?

2: Which is larger? A dolphin, or a porpoise?

3: Most American car horns blast which musical note?

4: A 42 foot sperm whale has

A: 50 pounds of oil in it.

B: 3000 pounds of oil in it.

C: 7 tons of oil in it.

D: 33 ½ tons in it?

5: What celebrity's first movie role was in a porn movie called “Party at Kitty and Stud's”?

6: What percentage of teachers use their own money to purchase books for their classroom?

7: The odds of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine are approximately what to 1?

8: 10% of men are left handed. What percentage of women are?

9: In what year, within 5, were electric lights added to Christmas trees, proving much safter than candles?

10: How many eyelids to camels have for each eye?

Bonus: What is odd about their nostrils?

Round 2 Questions

1: Approximately how many times do you breathe in a day?

2: What Roman emporer commited suicide on today's date in the year 68?

3: After 11 years of living together, who was married during a lunch break from the show Taxi?

4: What was the last state won by Obama in the primaries?

5: Who won this year's Indianapolis 500?

6: What is the name of the street that the action for Desperate Housewives takes place on?

7: Which attracts more in the stands viewers, the Indianapolis 500, or the superbowl?

8: How many countries use paper bills for money that are all the same size?

9: What TV show has won the most Emmy's in one season?

10: Who played Ray Charles in the movie Ray?

Round 3

Music Round-I play the song, then ask the questions while the song is playing. 

Play Ain't no sunshine

1: Who is singing this song?

2: It was on what 1971 album?


 Play Shoop

3: Who sings this song?

4: What is the name of their VH1 reality show?

5: Tell me the real first name of either Salt or Pepa.


Play Lonely


6: Who is singing?

7: It appeared on his debut album called what?

8: The song makes use of a sped up sample of the song "Mr. Lonely" by whom?


Play I'm too sexy


9: Who is singing?

10: What year was this song wildly popular in America?

Bonus: The instrumental in the song is based on what Jimi Hendrix song?


Round 4 Questions

1: What sort of capital punishment device was invented by a dentist?

2: Hey Jude was the longest running number one hit in British radio. What song was the second?

3: Who was Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1982?

4: A dolphin can hear sounds from how many miles away?

5: Why should you never crush or squash a wasp?

6: When discussing snakes, what is brille?

7: What year was Chanel 5 introduced?

8: About 70% of the bagels sold in the US are in NY, NJ, CA and what other state?

9: In China, 100,000 of which breed of dog are served in gourmet restaurants each year?

10: When Thomas Jefferson was president in 1801, what percentage of the people in the US were slaves?

Bonus: Approximately how many slaves were there?

Round 5 Questions

1: What year was Senator Barack Obama born?

2: What year was Senator John McCain born?

3: What is the name of Obama's 1996 biography?

4: What is the name of John McCain's 1999 book, written with Mark Salter?

5: Is Obama pro choice or pro life?

6: Is McCain pro choice or pro life?

7: On education, who voted for No Child Left Behind. Stated: "We need more charter schools. We need vouchers where it's approved by the local, state school boards. We need to have, clearly, home schooling if people want that … We need to reward good teachers and find bad teachers another line of work."

8: On education, who says he would reform No Child Left Behind, ensuring access to high-quality early childhood education programs and child care opportunities, recruit well-qualified and reward expert, accomplished teachers. Make science and math education a national priority. Reduce the high school dropout rate and empower parents to raise healthy and successful children by taking a greater role in their child's education at home and at school.

9: Who would pump $75 billion into the economy via tax cuts and direct spending targeted to working families, seniors, homeowners and the unemployed?

10: Who would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent.

Bonus: Who said "I think I'd just commit suicide." in 2006, refering to his party not controlling the Senate in November 06?

Final Questions

Approximately how many teeth does a crocodile go through in his life?


What is the third most popular pet? Species, please.



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