Router Prototype

This page provides links and instructions for creating an Open MediaHub prototype from off-the-shelf parts and MediaHub software. The prototype is not pretty. It is plugged together from off-the-shelf components that can easily be bought online at a reasonable cost.

Note that many of the components were not purchased with a focus on price. Clearly, a cheaper implementation could be constructed. For the purposes of experimentation, however, this prototype was purchased to remove any potential hardware limitations.

Prototype Physical Design

Prototype System Components

The following items were used to construct the prototype shown. These items were purchased in 1Q 2013 so links and prices have likely changed.


  • Connect Netdock USB host connection to single USB port on E4200
  • Plug Aero-M into one of the two powered USB connections on the Netdock (there's a lightening bolt and a green box around the two ports that are powered).
  • Connect Aero-M F connector to mini F connector on side of dongle.
  • Connect to antenna. The internal antenna is not sufficient for most indoor locations.
  • Plug the two power cords in.

Prototype Photo