What is the Triton Foundation?

World-class education...parents dream of it, school districts set it as their goal, students crave it.  It is the vision of the Triton Foundation to enhance educational excellence for all.

In 2003, local citizens founded a not-for-profit organization to promote high-quality education in the Triton Public Schools.  The Triton Foundation is an independent organization, which works closely with Triton Public Schools ISD #2125 to stimulate and financially support enhancements to the regular K-12 curriculum.  We also work to strengthen the partnership amongst local business, the community and public schools.

What is the Mission of the Triton Foundation?

The Triton Foundation is a non-profit independent organization whose mission is to strengthen and enhance the Claremont, Dodge Center, and West Concord communities by building charitable endowments, maximizing benefits to donors, making effective grants, and providing leadership to address community needs.