Link Crew

The Link Crew Program is a leadership training program.  Our school's top junior and seniors are trained in team-building activities, cooperative skill development, and discussion skills.  Each of these Link Leaders then receives a group of freshmen to work with at Orientation, and to stay in touch with throughout the school year.  They become leaders, motivators, role models and teachers!

The Link Crew Program is a school community-building program.  Our school climate will change because of Link Crew!  Link Crew is based on a simple concept:  linking freshmen with successful upperclassmen.  While creating a sense of comfort for the incoming students, the Link Crew concept also addresses the attitudes of the upperclassmen toward the freshmen, and respect for freshmen becomes the norm.

Link Crew '12-'13 Leader Retreat

Link Crew '12-'13 Orientation


2014-15 Link Leaders