Hello! My name is Amy Woxland and this is my 17th year of teaching Middle School Students! This is my 12th year as a Triton Cobra! I've been married to my husband Corey for 17 years and together we have a 15 year old son named Noah, a 12 year old daughter named Ella, a 7 year old daughter named Sophie, and two dogs: Izzy and Snickers. 

Last summer we took an awesome adventure to the Black Hills of South Dakota! It was an amazing adventure and my family learned a lot about the area Geology on the way there, during the trip and on the way home! 

I also traveled to Washington D.C. with the 8th graders, and it was an AMAZING experience!! Seeing our capital through the eyes of my son and students was something special for sure! 

I feel very fortunate to be working with your child this year!

If you would like to join our class for a day or an hour, please let me know! I love to bring in people to share how Science fits into their lives and their career of choice!