Animals are used, abused, and killed for food, scientific/ medical testing, military experimentation, entertainment, clothing and breeding.

"Walk a mile in the shoes of an animal being used for scientific testing. Now how do you feel?"
- Paul Pender

Mission Statement

The goal we plan to achieve is to open up the mind and eyes of the people. If human abuse isn't right, why do some think animal cruelty is okay?

We want those who are opposed this type of cruelty, to know they aren't alone. Animal cruelty isn't the answer, it isn't the way. Of course there are some people who aren't aware that OVER 65 BILLION animals are abused in many different way each year. This page is for anyone, there isn't a specific age to know animals shouldn't be harmed.
Throughout this website you'll see interviews of both opinions. Whether animal abuse is right or wrong, we want everyone to hear both sides to this argument. You'll also see surveys with graphs and ways to be involved. We'll be showing and explaining everything we think the people need to be familiar with.

We don't expect outrageous reactions after reading this. We are not forcing everyone to go and join an organization but what we do want is for people put themselves in the animals positions and see their point of view. There's certain things we do want the readers to understand before making any judgements. We would like for the readers to comprehend the pain and suffering the animals go through and how this doesn't just affect animals but people around us, and how we can help these animals.