The Social Lens

I chose to write a poem on the social lens. The social lens is a world view that we gain through our surroundings. We get it from our family, friends, government, media, and anything else we come into contact with. The media and government combined can be considered as our Mother Culture or the way society tells us what is correct and interesting. I hope that when people read this and view my artwork that they will understand that there is more to life than what is taught to us here in our own little world and where we grow up. I hope it encourages others to take their life in their hands and view the world, travel, and learn more about what is truly out there. I try to encourage those who have ideas or questions to look for them and find their answers themselves and to not look it up on Google or get the answers through the media or their Mother Culture. When I learned about what a social lens was I could see that not many people knew how much their surroundings affected them and made them who they are today. I do realize that it is also the person that makes themself, but they also have to consider who they are because of their social lens. This piece is meant for everyone who views it. It is a consideration and it is something that has changed my life.

I took a class at school that was called World Experience or WEX. In this class I went in on my first day open-minded and believed that I knew who I was and I honestly thought I knew what world I was living in. However, when I left the class at the end of the year, I couldn’t tell you how ashamed I was of having no true knowledge of the world. At our end of the year discussion many of my classmates were in tears because the class had changed the way they saw the world. I saw the world one way, and it was mostly shadowed by what the media and my family had told me. I didn’t know much about other religions, people, or the history of the world. The Discovery and History channels can only get people so far these days. I saw that our Mother Culture can be nurturing, but it can also hurt us. The media is taking over and it has hurt not only me, but the world. We are losing our touch with the world and we need to reclaim it. I had a great difficulty with this class because it was hard to realize that I have missed so much. It’s not that the evidence of everything was skewed, it was just hidden. I had to completely change my views of the world and I see things differently. The class can change lives, just as it has changed mine. My goal is that this poem stands out and people take the time to read it. It was very difficult to incorporate everything that I learned in that class into a poem. I would just sit there thinking, “How on earth am I going to do this? There’s no way.” Yet that’s what the class taught me -- that there is always a way -- we just have to find it and follow it while staying open-minded to everything and to seeing things in a different world view.