The Scarecrow

This poem’s significance comes from the fact that I wrote it when I was a teenager contemplating suicide.  It’s a unique piece because it was written in about 20 minutes and it was free flowing as if someone else was moving my pencil; yet it spelled out a story of exactly what I was feeling.

As I reflect upon that time in my life, I realize that my journey was just beginning.   I think as a young girl struggling with life, God used my love for poetry to reach out to me and let me know that I was not alone.

I struggled with the thought of putting my writings out in the public at first because it is such raw emotion for me.  It isn’t just words that rhyme. It is a story.  It is a chapter of my life that was turmoil and was real.  And if I put it out for everyone to read, they would know that my life was drama filled from a very young age. I changed my mind after much thought because I feel like it may reach someone out there.

I wish to reach anyone who feels lost or hopeless at any point in their journey through life.  I believe that the human race has a strong desire to be needed on some level.  The Scarecrow was my realization that God has never left me and that I was put here to be a blessing to someone or something even if it was at a most inopportune time for me.  Suicide does not choose people by age, race, gender, color, or creed; and neither does  God.