The Little Yellow Room: A Profound Impact on My Life


The purpose of my essay is to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in my readers so they may reminisce about an event or time spent with their own family. Spending quality time with family members provides an opportunity to form close knit relationships that can be lifelong, and may present some learning opportunities along the way.

Ruminating on my own experiences, my grandmother taught me a new skill, but at the same, she used those moments to instill some other valuable morals and lessons in me. I’ve realized that as a child I was very impressionable, and I took all the information she gave me and just soaked it in. The times I spent with her in those early years have, in part, created the person I am today.


In writing this piece, I was struggling because I wanted it to be about more than just my grandmother teaching me how to sew. After some soul searching I gained some insight on the matter and realized I learned so much more than just how to thread a needle. Children are by nature narrow minded and self centered individuals. As I mentioned above, as a child I soaked in all the information she gave me, but find it poignant that it took me becoming an adult to realize the deeper importance of all she taught me. I suppose even after her death she is still teaching me lessons; I have learned to decipher the hidden meanings and see the silver lining in things.