The Blame
    I feel like my topic, the theme of my prose, is unique because no one feels exactly the same as anyone else. Someone may have a similar situation, but no one feels exactly the same as you, because no one can see out of your eyes, no one can see how you felt at that very moment.

    I wrote this entry because it helps me grieve. I wrote this entry because every time I write about my father, it brings me one step closer to the closure that I so desperately need. I want others to read this and understand that they can write about topics and feelings close to their hearts. You may feel these wild emotions when you're writing, but that's where the best work comes from!  Why write something and feel absolutely nothing? When you're writing and you feel hatred, sadness, or jealousy - that's where the best writing comes from.

    When my administrator/teacher gave us this assignment, when she explained to us that we were going to write a prose/poem/story for the Digitext entry, I was extremely reluctant, as were many others in my class. There were a lot of scoffs and sighs. "Why do we have to do this!?" was the question coming from people's down-turned lips. But our teacher insisted that we at least try to write...and people kept writing and writing...and everyone realized that they had emotions that they didn't know about that could be poured into their writing! They didn't believe that there was a significance in writing at the start. But once they got started they just kept going and these pieces turned out to be some of their strongest writing.