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Bullying today has become a national issue and something needs to be done. The purpose of this video is to show that if we unite at a grassroots level, and take action, we can make a difference. It is our hope that the mental, physical, and emotional anguish that is caused by bullying everyday can be diminished. Our intended audience is anyone that has witnessed or has been a victim of bullying of all ages.

Our team encountered many obstacles throughout the whole process. Brainstorming our theme took several days and on the day we were going to film we had lost one member causing constant revisions on the storyboard taking more and more time. Also, no one on the team had experience in filming. When we used the iPad for filming, the lighting was a huge problem. It took several hours to edit the video because we were not familiar with the software. Finally, we had a hard time finding a copyright free music to fit our theme. We were not entirely happy with what we used, but we were pressed for time.

We learned that the planning and the editing was the hardest part. It wasn't easy to make sure the timing was right and that the words on the iPad were visible. Also, we learned that storyboards are in constant state of revision. The sun is not always compatible with cameras, as it produces glare and makes it hard to detect words on an iPad. In the future, we will use all of our previous experience and apply it.  We will also devote time to the important elements such as music, theme and story line. 

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