Steroids are typically thought of as illegal performance enhancing drugs, but they're are also legitimate medical remedies. There is both anabolic and metabolic steroids, each having their own profound characteristics. Steroids can have both short and long-term effects that can be harmful over time, but helpful in the other side. This intriguing site will provide you with the information needed to decide whether steroids are a human’s friend or foe.

 Mission Statement

        Our website was created to educate and mentor communities around the globe of both the horrifying uses of steroids by athletes and the positive impact they can have in the lives of certain human beings who suffer from penetrating diseases. The website will include imperative information about the positive and negative effects steroids have on the lives of people.

It will include emotional aspects, the consequences of using steroids with the law, and long-term bodily effects. On the other side, we also have information on how steroids help people with certain illnesses overcome their diseases and how the sciences-particularly in the medical field- are presently creating medical products that will have a positive impact in the lives of patients who endure extensive physiological damage.

Our site is designed for anyone, especially those concerned with the cons and pros of steroids. The website will include a wide range of interviews from athletes, coaches, medical doctors, as well as secondary sources.