Mind Walks: Literature as Passport 

The topic I have chosen is meant to demonstrate the importance of literature and how it can enhance one’s life. It is significant because in today’s society, especially among the younger generations, the joys of reading can become lost amid the many electronic distractions our developing technologies provide. Many young people prefer engaging in video games or television over sitting down with a book. Being in my early twenties, I am able to relate with many of the younger people I encounter on the college campus; yet I cringe every time I am confronted with a person who views reading as a boring chore. I’ve been an avid bookworm my whole life, and this is something I simply cannot understand. My goal in writing this piece is to illustrate all these people are missing and all that they could gain.

When I began writing, the idea had already taken shape. I didn’t have to think too long about how I was going to format it, which is ironic, considering that my biggest challenge was taking this topic and doing something creative with it. I knew that I wanted to introduce a character that was indifferent to reading in order to introduce my prose, but I was also hoping this character would serve a bigger purpose; Perhaps people would feel sorry for her when they were finished, and perhaps it would encourage them to pick up a book.

I also struggled with the prose itself. I wanted to mention all of my favorite books, but I knew that since I was aiming to reach people with aversions to reading, I needed to keep the titles as recognizable as possible. This was a struggle, but in the end, I am happy I did it that way. The titles mentioned should be recognizable to most; they are beloved classics. However, even if the titles are foreign the beauty of each work is, hopefully, vividly conveyed.

I’ve learned a great lesson from this one-page piece that I’ve written. When I began, I was writing “to the contest”….. as the piece took shape it wrote itself as an ode to my most lofty love in life.  The beauty of it is simply that I can see and appreciate its beauty. Even if no one else understands what it is I was trying to say with my piece, I will know. And I will be proud of it.