Haunted Halls

As a part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Upward Bound program, I spent part of my summer on the college campus. I was one of the few students who got to stay at the historic Neihardt dormitory. Throughout my stay I discovered information of the building's ghostly past. In the midst of nightly scary stories and frightening paranormal encounters I was inspired to write my poem titled Haunted Halls. My goal with this poem was to describe the feelings the students had about the dorm. While writing this I have learned that describing a building so beautiful and extraordinary is somewhat difficult. Mixing in figurative language and local legend allowed me to accomplish what I set out to do. With the photographs my approach was a very journalistic one. The pictures were meant to take on an investigative feeling. Almost like you are running through the halls and snapping some photos at the same time. Neihardt Hall is a wonderful place and I believe I speak for all of the students when I say that our stay in that building was indeed eventful and Haunted Halls reflects that.