Gone but not forgotten

Critical thinking


1. Statement of purpose and/or Theme on a research or Creative Narrative topic.

My purpose to write my paper was to think about loss.  Our town had a tornado and we lost a lot, it made me think about my greatest loss.

2. What is unique or original about your entry? (Artwork, Images, research, etc.)

My essay is original because I am writing about my own loss.  I wrote it from my heart.  My mom took the pictures years ago, but they are unique because they do not exist any where else in the world.

3. What steps did you take to impact learning or to evoke an emotion or action from the viewer?

First I had to write the essay, then I had to find pictures, then I had to figure out how to email it to my counselor.  I learned how to scan pictures and attach them to an email.  I also learned some writing rules.

4. What impact did creating this entry have on you (And/or what did you learn by participating?

The essay helped me think about my feelings and write them on paper.