Effects of Divorce on Children

•Describe the significance/uniqueness of the topic?

•State the entry’s purpose, intended audience, and impact objectives?

•Describe how you and your team embraced/ tackled challenges, what you learned from any difficulties in the process, and how you might approach future projects based on what they have learned?

The topic I chose is extremely meaningful to me. It’s unique because divorce is something that we all know is happening but no one is really doing much about it. I think we need to take action on what’s going on. This topic could be addressed to everyone, especially to divorced parents and broken families. My projects intended impact is to make people realize how severely affected children are by divorce. To open eyes and fill the brain with some knowledge about divorce and the reality. By doing this project I feel like I have learned not only about divorce but about why I acted the way I did when it happened to me. I learned that we all act differently but at the same time we share the same pain and confusion. I think that if I would have to address people with divorcement problems I feel more prepared. I would be able to help and give them emotional support.