Bullying, Its Consequences and More

·         Describe the significance/uniqueness  of the topic

My topic for this project is bullying. This topic is significant because it pertains to millions of people around the world, adults and children alike. Bullying happens all over the world in many different types of environments and all in different forms. There are cyber, verbal and physical types of bullying. My topic is unique because a majority of the people in this world see bullying as a phase in a person’s life but it is not a phase, it is more than that.

·         State the entry’s purpose, intended  audience, and impact objectives

My entry's purpose is to inform and to try and convince people that bullying is not a phase but something greater than that and how it affects people. I also want inform people what bullying can lead to and why it should be stopped. My intended audience is primarily adults who see bullying taking place and not do anything about it. Those who bully others should knnow the effects of bullying and know why it is wrong.  My impact objectives on choosing this topic are to get people to change their ideas about bullying and help them see that it is wrong.

·         Describe how you and your team embraced/tackled challenges, what you learned from any difficulties in the process, and how you might approach future projects based on what they have learned

At first it was difficult trying to figure out how I wanted to organize this topic, finding what I wanted to say about it, and how I wanted to say it. But, once I figured it out it, wasn’t that difficult. I learned that putting all the information you have into an essay is really difficult because you have so much information that you do not want to sound redundant. I also learned that creating an image that goes and transmits what you want to say is difficult because you want to have the right image and getting it is hard. Even though finding an image was difficult I found it fun to do because I was able to make the image my own and I got to express what I felt about the issue through words and the use of different colors. Through the images I used I felt that I helped others see what victims of bullying go through and what they feel.