“The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates."

-Oscar Wilde

    Our mission is to bring awareness to the lack of funding and emphasis in public art education to anyone interested. We feel that this topic is unfortunately overlooked and would like to counteract that with information and resources to help get the word out. Our target audience includes students like us who are dealing with the lack of funding and adults who can more easily help.

Our site will include resources to teach, information on positive effects of having a supported arts program, samples of student artwork and careers that students could pursue in an artistic field and finally, a few ways you can help to support the arts.

    Public schools have been taking emphasis off of the arts for some time now, taking away a key element of education. Arts education is valuable because it provides the possibility of development of artistic interest, stress relief and boosts creativity for other class subjects. There are direct correlations between the fine arts and all other academic subjects which are being diminished as the art classes and funds disappear.