A Tale of Strength

Humans are the most paradoxical of creatures. In us lies a strength that goes largely untapped because of our inability to see past our superficial physical strength and beauty. Men and women the world over tout the power of the human soul and yet still live in a manner which suggests that they have never explored that side of themselves. In terrible tragedy, this tale explains how one man found the path to his soul through the destruction of his body, and how he inadvertently taught that lesson to a young man who desperately needed it. It is my earnest hope that all who read this will begin a journey that opens their hearts to the true power that lies within.

Creator Reflection
Along the path that is my life, I have often been overwhelmed by the challenges that have come my way. The tough exterior that I had created with tattoos, a shaved head, and a reputation for confrontation did not, as I had intended, protect me from these challenges in any way--I was simply and effectively shackled behind the wall they had built around my soul. It has only been through the graceful intervention of life lessons such as the one contained here that I have learned to rely on an inner man whose strength far surpasses that of the one on the outside. Stories like this one have given me the courage to look inward and find the key to my bonds; and thus, with the unlocking of these chains, I am free to fly.