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This is a comedy public service announcement. The intended audience is the people who do not wear protection gear while riding bikes and skateboards. There have been many people who have been seriously injured or even killed while riding without gear.   When people see this they will know not to ride without a helmet because they could get hurt like Charlie in the video.  People will watch this video because it is funny.  They'll be sure to watch the whole video because it feels good to laugh.
We had some difficulties.  We argued about the location. The camera person had trouble panning.  Also all the tripods were used and we didn't have one for the first day of shooting.  We learned arguing is not healthy for the team.  We would try to find team members that didn't fight so much.   We also learned to plan ahead so we don't have to shoot without a tripod.
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Jul 23, 2012, 12:44 PM