This week in our Classroom:

We are assessing our science unit of animal groups this week by applying what we have learned about each animal group. Our social studies is focusing on the executive branch. In art we will stick with our winter theme and create some fun self portraits. Finally our writing is going to help us apply what we have learned and create a very organized but gripping stories.

The 1st grade class will be working on comparing and contrasting. They will find how two characters are the same and how they are different using a venn diagram.

The 2nd grade class is sequencing events in reading. They will put the things from the story in story order using order words like first, next, then, and last.

Spelling Words:

Due Friday, January 22nd

1st Grade-

me be read

feet tree keep

eat mean sea

these street please

2nd Grade-

night kind spy

child light find

right high wild

July fry sigh

by why behind


Upcoming Events:

January 22nd- Early Dismissal

January 28th- 100th day of school

February 18-29- No School