This week in our Classroom:

It's the last two weeks of our school year and boy are we excited! We have lots of things coming up this week including our classroom store and the track meet. Our focus in social studies is the economy and in science we are working on the chemistry of baking.

1st graders are studying characters in reading. They look at what a specific character says, does and find a character trait for them.

2nd grader are working on comparing and contrasting in reading. They look at two characters or a character that changes throughout the story and show what is different and what is the same.

Spelling Words:

Due May 17th

1st Grade-

even baby paper

below open tiger

zero because begin

music table silent

2nd Grade-

seated keeps speed

seen means clean

groan roast bowls

crow owe grown

snow peace below


Upcoming Events:

May 17- K-4 Track Meet

Classroom Store

May 25- Graduation Service 7 p.m.

May 26- Last Day of School

Early Dismissal