Welcome to the Trinity Lutheran Church Basketball Program, a member of the Long Island Lutheran Basketball League (www.LILBL.org)

Tune in to this section for timely information . . .
 Trinity Basketball telephone hotline ... (516) 515-1852

Trinity Basketball

Trinity Bantam Boys
Mobile Team ID: 1218374
Trinity Jr.Girls
Mobile Team ID: 1218381
Trinity Sr.Boys
Mobile Team ID: 1727673

Please see Calendar below for Gym use schedules!
Regarding Uniform distribution, Roster information, Church letters, Registration payments, etc., etc.,
. . . 
Information is below as to registration particulars . . . 
See the section: Program Fees & Uniforms, below.

NOW , there's a mobile app for the team on the league website. Click the team link below to open that team schedule on the LILBL website and follow the instructions towards the top right of the schedule 

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<> Jr.Girls <> Jr.Boys
Sr.Girls <> Sr.Boys <>
<> Women <>

<> Men RED <> Men WHITE 
<> Men BLACK <>

Need DIRECTIONS to the other courts?

Click the link below to open the LILBL website page of directions to the various courts at which we play.

Not all divisions play at all courts ...

Once at the page, you can Click the top right area for MAPs &/or turn-by-turn driving directions for that specific location!


Game Schedules are available via links above . . .
The Calendar below is for most other events ... such as next Practices, Picture day, Coffee hours, Christmas Tree sales, Awards dinner, etc., etc.
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LILBL Code of Conduct

Long Island Lutheran Basketball League

 Serving Lutheran youth on Long Island for over 40 years


As a player, coach, cheerleader, or fan: I will . . .

·   Remember that sports, and the ability to participate in them, like everything else in life, are gifts from God.

·   Play hard, but fairly, according to the rules of the game.

·   Consider opponents and officials as friends and neighbors, and treat them with due courtesy and respect.

·   Applaud teammates and opponents who make good plays or demonstrate good sportsmanship.

·   Accept the decisions of officials respectfully, recognizing that they have a difficult job and are doing their best to uphold the rules fairly.

·   Win without boasting and lose without excuse or complaint.

·   Never hiss or boo players or officials.

·   Never use profanity, disparaging or offensive comments, or other intimidating actions.

·   Do unto others, as I would have them do unto me.

·   Seek to glorify a gracious God rather than be glorified.

·   Thank and praise God for the gifts of health, talent, and the opportunity to take part in a sport.

·   Celebrate every opportunity to participate in sports as a chance to learn and to grow in Christian maturity.

·   Conduct myself in a manner that is representative of a Christian. 

Program Fees & Uniforms

Program Fees & Uniforms
At this time, everyone should "sign up" online.
Teams will be formed, and Uniforms will be distributed at a future date
Please register online
(details below)
SignUp via our online page,

All PeeWees
All new players
All non-Trinity members
** Birth Certificate REQUIRED (to show only, not to leave with us)!

All non-Trinity members
Additional Reminder to those NOT a member of Trinity Lutheran Church ...
A "Guest Letter" (aka "Church Letter") is required from you by our league..
(Need another one every year . . . cannot play in league game until provided)
Please see the item "Non-Members Registration Reminder" on this page for more information on this. A blank copy of this "Guest Letter" is available via the link on the bottom of this page!

-- Program Fee via online payment, cash, check or Money Order
 -single check for multiple players is fine.
-- Uniform Deposit via post-dated Check

... We look forward to your support at our annual Shoot-a-Thon fundraiser during our PictureDay in January.

Re Program Fees
The TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH BASKETBALL program Fees are posted below. We continue to strive to make our program one of the best deals in youth sports.
Program Fees:
(this fee includes the participation in the team's Coffee Hour)
$95 for the first player per family (Pee Wee and older),
$75 for sibling.
$45 for each Mite.
$45 for Cheerleader w/no basketball.
(Basketball&Cheerleader, no Cheerleader fee)
We look forward to your additional support at our annual Shoot-a-Thon fundraiser during PictureDay in January.

Uniform Deposit Policy:
Uniform Deposits must accompany registration.
Please submit a separate check dated Next April 1, for the appropriate deposit based on the players division.
Each uniform requires a separate deposit check!
Sr.Girls & Sr.Boys: $250 / ALL others: $90

Non-Members Registration Reminder

Non-Members Registration Reminder

NOT a member of Trinity Lutheran Church?? READ THIS

Registration Reminder for those not a member of Trinity Lutheran Church.


Please be advised that if you register, or have registered, for Trinity Lutheran Church Basketball and are NOT a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, acceptance onto a team will be decided at a future date.


As you may know we are subjected to eligibility requirements by the Church League in which we participate, and it's these requirements, limitations, criteria, and the like - that we must ensure we meet once registration has closed.


(click the link at the bottom of this page to browse the "Church Letter" all non-members are required to submit)

We announce this policy so that other organized activity opportunities are not passed-up on the assumption that inclusion is automatic due to timely registration, or attendance in our school, or even prior participation. Unfortunately it is not automatic -- and, to repeat, we will not know which, if any, non-members can be included in the program until mid-October


This is an annual exercise with applies to ALL non-members, returning &/or new.

Thank you for your understanding.

Trinity Lutheran Church Basketball

Age/Grade - Divisions

Age/Grade Divisions

The Long Island Lutheran Basketball League (L.I.L.B.L.)
structure of divisions is as follows:

- The cutoff date used for age determination is December 15th.
This is meant to align closely to school grades.
- There is 15 days grace in either direction of 12/15, meaning that December babies can go either way without an official "exception request".
January through November birthdays are rather clear cut.
We anticipate that a December birthday will most likely stick with their grade mates . . .

-- co-ed
-- 5 & 6 year olds
-- Age 5 or 6 ON 12/15 of registration year
-- typically grades K & 1
For the September 2017 Season:
Youngest Birthday 12/31/12
Oldest Birthday 12/1/10
Generally those born in 2011 & 2012

-- co-ed
-- 7 & 8 year olds
-- Age 7 or 8 ON 12/15 of registration year
-- typically 2nd and 3rd graders
For the September 2017 Season:
Youngest Birthday 12/31/10
Oldest Birthday 12/1/08
Generally those born in 2009 & 2010

DIVISION: BantamGirls AND BantamBoys
-- Girls/Boys separate divisions
-- 9, 10 & 11 year olds
-- Age 9, 10 or 11 ON 12/15 of registration year
-- typically 4th, 5th, and 6th graders
For the September 2017 Season:
Youngest Birthday 12/31/08
Oldest Birthday 12/1/05
Generally those born in 2006, 07 & 2008

DIVISION: Jr.Girls AND Jr.Boys
-- Girls/Boys separate divisions
-- 12, 13 & 14 year olds
-- Age 12, 13 or 14 ON 12/15 of registration year
-- typically 7th, 8th, and 9th graders
For the September 2017 Season:
Youngest Birthday 12/31/05
Oldest Birthday 12/1/2002
Generally those born in 2003, 04 & 2005

DIVISION: Sr.Girls AND Sr.Boys
-- Girls/Boys separate divisions
-- 15, 16 & 17 year olds
-- Age 15, 16 or 17 ON 12/15 of registration year
-- typically 10th, 11th, and 12th graders
For the September 2017 Season:
Youngest Birthday 12/31/2002
Oldest Birthday 12/1/99
Generally those born in 2000, 01 & 02

Foul Weather HotLine

Foul Weather HotLine
If the League, or any particular Church, were to inform us of cancellation of games due to weather -- that information will first, and quickly, be available as an outbound message on the Trinity Basketball HotLine.

Then a call to the coaches will occur,
then, "if accessible", an update to the website and perhaps an eMail.

Trinity Basketball HotLine
(516) 515-1852
P.S. This phone number can also be used to contact Trinity Basketball for any other reason, as well.

Old Business

Old Business ...

Have you returned your UNIFORMS from prior seasons?

If you still have a uniform that you shouldn't, please get it to your coach or the Church as soon as possible!

If you missed our season-end ceremony, and have not received something you are due (including pictures from picture day!) -- please send an eMail to Info@TrinityBasketball.Net

Trinity Hicksville,
Nov 8, 2012, 9:43 PM
Trinity Hicksville,
Jan 11, 2017, 11:19 AM