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Media Coverage Confirms that Chip Lewis is a determined and dedicated criminal defense attorney.

7 Years as Prosecutor

10 Years as Defense Attorney

Over 100 cases tried to verdict

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Attorney-Client Teamwork

Our clients appreciate the fact that Mr. Lewis personally handles their cases from beginning to end. The strong bond of trust and cooperation between defendant and attorney helps to build strong cases. People accused of serious crimes deserve to clearly understand the charges, the law and the likely sequence of events that they can expect as Mr. Lewis defends them before prosecutors, protecting their constitutional rights and their freedoms.

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Mr. Lewis regularly takes cases to court, and prevails 

on behalf of the clients he represents.


A passionate and determined defense attorney who has represented such notable defendants as Robert Durst and Ken Lay, Chip Lewis offers the benefit of his experience to the defense of Southeast Texans charged with state and federal crimes. He provides aggressive criminal defense for people who are under investigation for, have been arrested for, or who are charged with white collar crimes, DWI/DUI, drug offenses, fraud, and other offenses.

Contact criminal defense attorney Chip Lewis for assistance with any of the following:

  • DWI/DUI and administrative driver's license suspensions
  • Multiple DWI offenses and felony DWI
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • State and federal drug charges, including those involving marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs
  • Theft and property offenses
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement, bribery, healthcare fraud and mortgage fraud
  • Violent crimes and murder
  • Federal crimes
  • Clearing your record (expungement)

Representing Southeast Texans From All Walks of Life

While many defendants represented by attorney Chip Lewis have been high-profile professionals and public officials, the law offices of Chip B. Lewis, LLC is in the practice of law to serve a wide spectrum of people — whether dealing with the criminal justice system for the first time or standing before prosecutors after multiple arrests. Contact Chip B. Lewis, LLC to schedule a consultation for skilled and accessible legal help after a drunk driving or drug charge arrest.

Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer, Former Prosecutor

With seven years experience as a prosecutor and nine years experience as a defense attorney, Chip has likely tried as many cases as any other attorney in the state of Texas in the last fifteen years. Mr. Lewis has handled more than 100 criminal cases as a prosecutor and criminal defense trial lawyer. In 2007 alone, he won 19 jury trials in defense of clients, protecting their rights as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution.