Working Groups

To begin some preliminary information gathering, four working groups were appointed and tasked with focusing on the four Strategic Planning Objectives.  During the Summer of 2011, they met to research programs and practices currently in place at Trinity; identify obstacles that impede future growth; and consider promising practices at other institutions.  

Co-Curricular and Bridge Activities
Tucker Gibson, Professor, Political Science

Jennifer Henderson, Associate Professor Communication
Tim O'Sullivan, Associate Professor, Classical Studies
Paul Myers, Professor, Computer Science
Linda Specht, Associate Professor, Business Administration

Jane Childers, Associate Professor, Psychology
Kim Phillips, Associate Professor, Psychology/Neuroscience
Kate Ritson, Professor, Art & Art History
Jennifer Steele, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Heather Sullivan, Associate Professor Modern Languages and Literatures

Don Clark, Professor, History
Nancy Ericksen, Assistant Director, International Programs
Eric Maloof, Director of International Admissions
Inessa Stepanenko, Assistant Director, International Programs
Deli Yang, Burr-Clark Professor, Business Administration

Engagement with the Community / Region
Shari Albright, Murchison Chair, Education
Christine Drennon, Associate Professor, Sociology / Anthropology, Urban Studies 
Carl Leafstadt, Professor, Music
Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor, Modern Langauges and Literatures
Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures