During the 2011-12 academic year, the subcommittees are responsible for carrying out the assigned charges.

Interaction with the Community and Region
Co-Chairs: Phyllis Browning & John Huston*
  • Trustees: Phyllis Browning, Doug Hawthorne, Walter Huntley, Jr.
  • Student: Atunga "James" Anassi
  • Faculty: Shari Albright (Education), Christine Drennon (Sociology / Urban Studies), John Huston* (Economics), Arturo Madrid (Modern Languages), Mary Stefl (Health Care Administration)
  • Staff: Ben Newhouse (Campus and Community Involvement), Sharon Jones-Schweitzer (University Communications)
  • Alumni: Dirk Elmendorf, Mark Larson,  Emmanuel Paelez-Prada

Co-Chairs: Rob Huesca* & Oliver Lee

  • Trustees: Oliver Lee, Michael Neidorff
  • Student: Nupur Agrawal
  • Faculty: Steven Field (Modern Languages), Rob Huesca* (Communication / International Programs), Bladimir Ruiz (Modern Languages), Deli Yang (Business Administration)
  • Staff: Edwin Blanton (Campus and Community Involvement), Eric Maloof (Admissions)
  • Alumni: Leslie Hollingsworth, Alyson Rose-Wood

Co-Curricular and Bridge Activities
Co-Chairs: Steve Mach* & Dave Mansen*

  • Trustees: Sharon Bell, Miles Cortez, Steven Mach*
  • Student: Kaela Dickens
  • Faculty: Peter Kelly-Zion* (Engineering Science), Diane Persellin (Music)
  • Staff: Brian Hirsch (Career Services), Bob King (Athletics), Raphael Moffett (Campus and Community Involvement), Ron Nirenberg (KRTU)
  • Alumni: Howard Griffin, Dave Mansen*

Co-Chairs: Kathy Wood Klinger* & Claudia Stokes
  • Trustees: Jim Dicke*, Kathy Wood Klinger
  • Student: Kevin Culver
  • Faculty:  Tom Jenkins* (Classical Studies), Anne Jumonville (Library), Jonathan King (Biology), Kim Phillips (Psychology), Claudia Stokes* (English), Liz Ward (Art and Art History)
  • Staff: Fred Rodriguez* (Registrar)
  • Alumni: Geary Reamy, Ana Unruh Cohen

* Designates a member of the Trinity Tomorrow Committee

Lisa Jasinski,
Sep 30, 2011, 8:03 AM