Curricular Development Lab

The Curricular Design Lab is responsible for weaving together promising elements from the curricular prototypes generated during the Ideas Lab into a single, coherent curricular plan.  Participants were selected by their peers and possess the following skills: open-minded consensus-builders, capable of synthesizing overarching themes while not losing fine-grained details, and skilled at seeing beyond their personal, disciplinary, departmental or programmatic interests. 


The Curricular Development lab will begin with a dinner on Friday, March 23 and continue with two full-days of work on Saturday (24th) and Sunday (25th).  Participants will also attend a pre-workshop seminar.


Group Composition / Size: Since the crux of this workshop is paring down, synthesizing ideas, and recombining prototypes, the ideal group size is small (12 people).  Each curricular group elected ONE representative.  In addition to the 7 elected disciplinary representatives, the CCCR will made 4 selective appointments to balance the overall composition of the group.  The Chair of the University Curriculum Council was also included.  The Coordinating Committee for Curricular Review deliberately encouraged the nomination of faculty who did not participate in the Ideas Lab in order to widen the circle of participants and bring fresh insights.  Participants will receive a $750 stipend.


Since attendance at the workshop is relatively limited, we will invite 8-10 faculty to serve as “sounding boards.”  The itinerary will contain at least two opportunities for this audience to offer feedback in the form of "Positives, Potentials, and Concerns" (PPC) and raise questions.  Faculty serving on "sounding boards" will ensure that a range of perspectives are included in the development of a curricular plan.

Participants in the Curricular Development Lab include:

Aaron Delwiche (Representing the UCC)
Tom Jenkins
Carl Leafstead
David Lesch
Mark Lewis
Tahir Naqvi
Kathryn O'Rourke
Kim Phillips
Sarah Pinnock
David Ribble
Dante Suarez
Betsy Tontiplaphol

Lisa Jasinski,
Apr 2, 2012, 11:34 AM