PHED 1147 : Roller Skating II


Instructor Information

Dr. Mark Lewis

Office: CSI 270H

Phone: 999-7022

e-mail: mlewis@trinity.edu

Class Meetings

Tuesday 3:30-6:00 at the Rollercade at 223 Recoleta (www.therollercade.com)

Scope of the Course

This course is designed to teach students advanced techniques for roller skating on quads.

Attendance Policy

The objectives for this course can only be achieved through regular participation. As this class meets only once each week, the Physical Education Department attendance policy will be changed to reflect this. One unexcused absence will be allowed without penalty. Each additional unexcused absence will reduce your final grade by 10 points. Absences will be considered excused if you provide medical documentation of injury or illness, provide notification of a University sanctioned event in advance of the absence, or receive prior approval from the instructor for special circumstances.

In addition, you will only get full credit for attending a class if you actually participate. It is expected that you will be on the floor skating for roughly 2 hours out of each 2.5 hour class. Because we are meeting mostly during a public skate session, there will be certain times when you can't be on the floor skating. At nearly all other times, you should be on the floor. This policy will be relaxed a little in the first two weeks at the rink to accommodate your feet getting used to skating that length of time.

Class Requirements and Grades

This course will use an additive scoring approach. Students can complete as many of these as they wish up to 100 total points. How they get their points is up to each student.

Advanced Skills (worth 5 points each)

Over the course of the semester, students will demonstrate how well they have mastered different skills. Each skill must be completed without falling to count as being completed.

1. Skate heel-toe for one full lap.

2. Skate toe-toe for one full lap.

3. Skate heel-heel for one full lap.

4. Complete a half lap on one foot. (Either foot.)

5. Complete a full lap on one foot. (Either foot.)

6. Skate for five seconds on two wheels. (Any two wheels allowed.)

7. Do backwards crossover turns.

8. Do a heel-toe spin for five revolutions.

9. Do a toe-toe spin for five revolutions.

10. Transition from forward to backward and back on heel and toe.

11. Complete a large circle facing inward with feet pointed out in the clockwise direction.

12. Complete a large circle facing inward with feet pointed out in the counterclockwise direction.

13. Demonstrate proficiency in the crab walk.

14. Demonstrate proficiency in toe jams.

15. Demonstrate proficiency in heal jams.

16. Demonstrate proficiency in basic hexing.

17. Demonstrate proficiency in grapevining.

18. Demonstrate proficiency in the hurricane kick.

19. Demonstrate proficiency at the foward crab walk.

20. Be able to do a one foot transition for two complete turns.

21. Do a full circle with your legs apart in a "splits" position and only your back wheels down.

22. Do a 360 degree spin as a jump.

Speed Skating

Students will be timed occasionally for speed laps. Students get points for completing a lap in less than 17 seconds or less. The score is determined by the formula (17-t)*5, where t is the time in seconds it takes to complete a lap to an accuracy of 0.2 seconds.

Endurance/Fitness Test

To demonstrate overall physical fitness as well as skating ability, students will be required to skate for a 12 minute period. The number of laps completed during that time can give students points. Students get one point for each full lap above 20 laps that they complete.

Class Procedures

The class will meet from 3:30 – 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday. Meetings will take place at the Rollercade facility on Recoletta near the intersection of San Pedro and Jackson-Keller. During the first class meeting the syllabus will be reviewed and we will discuss general fitness guidelines. Our class will overlap with a public session. Because the rink is least busy early in the session it is important that people show up promptly to begin the class. Timings for speed skills and the endurance tests will be administered during the first 30 minutes of class.

Students will be responsible for their own transportation to the rink and paying for their admission. The class rate at the Rollercade is $6.00 admission. This is higher than the normal rate for those days because we have 30 minutes of private time. Students in this class are expected to have their own speed/derby/jam quad skates. Note that many of the skills can’t be done as well on blades.