Research diary - Latin American Media

Welcome message and instructions

Research diaries are a tool. They help us document progress, reflect about our work, develop research skills, and share information with others. In this class, we will use this blog as our diary. The blog will be accessible to everyone in the class. You will receive an invitation to join in the next few days. Blogging runs from week 5 to week 13 of the semester. That's 9 (nine) posts in total. To receive a C, you must complete at least six original posts and four comments to other peers.

Here are the goals of the assignment:
  1. Create a record of your progress as a researcher.
  2. Reflect on your research practices
  3. Keep you on track.
  4. Exchange information with your peers and the instructor
Here's a list of possible topics for your diary entries:
  1. An account of what you actually did on a given week.
  2. To-do lists, or descriptions of you plan to do next.
  3. Brainstorming notes
  4. Outlines
  5. Notes from discussions, readings, lectures or meetings that have been useful for the project
  6. Questions you might want to explore, discuss, or find out more about
  7. Personal views and opinions about your topic, and how these views evolve as you progress
  8. Recommendations that could help others tackling similar topics or issues.
This is a pass/fail assignment. I've left the format deliberately open for you to shape your contributions as you wish. However, there are some minimum requirements you must comply with, in order to receive full credit:
  1. Join the class blog. Make sure you provide your name your profile
  2. Complete at least one entry per week. Each entry should be minimum 150-300 words in length, but you can go longer if you wish. 
  3. Your contributions should be relatively free from spelling/grammatical mistakes.
  4. Reflection is worth more than mere summary. 
  5. Comment on someone else's entry each week. Your comments should be substantial and constructive (saying "I agree" isn't helpful).
  6. Post your entries and/or comments by 3 p.m. on Fridays to get credit for the week, starting 9/17.
  7. Your final entry will be a closing reflection that evaluates the experience of keeping the diary.
  1. Take time to familiarize yourself with blogger. 
  2. Use labels to create a searchable archive by topic.