DateTopicsC++ ReadingsJava ReadingsDue
1-11Introduction and Java Basics
1-16More Java 
1-18Finish Java Intro (In class code)
1-23Abstract Factory & Adapter 
1-25ProjectsCh. 1 & 2Ch. 1 & 2Reading Quiz
1-30Chain of Responsibility & Iterator & DI

2-1ProjectsCh. 3 & 4Ch. 3Reading Quiz
2-6Singleton & Bridge & Object Pool
2-8ProjectsCh. 5Ch. 4Reading Quiz
2-13Decorator & Composite
2-15ProjectsCh. 6Ch. 5Reading Quiz
2-20Builder, Facade & Flyweight
2-22SIGCSE Conference (No Class)

2-27Command & Mediator
3-1ProjectsCh. 7Ch. 6Reading Quiz
3-6Visitor & Proxy
3-8ProjectsCh. 8 & 9Ch. 7Reading Quiz
3-13Spring Break

3-15Spring Break

3-20Interpreter & Factory Method
3-22ProjectsModern Ch. 1 & 2Ch. 8Reading Quiz
3-27Observer & State
3-29Projects (Jon and Reed)Modern Ch. 3 & 6Ch. 9Reading Quiz
4-3Strategy & Template Method (Cristina and Tony)
4-5Projects (Brian and Miranda)Modern Ch. 4Ch. 10Reading Quiz
4-10Memento & Prototype (Carlos and Caroline)
4-12Projects (Ian and Amira)Modern Ch. 5Ch. 11Reading Quiz
4-17MVC (Silas and Thoai)

4-19Pattern Exam
4-24Projects (Colby and Kayla)Modern Ch. 7 & 8Ch. 12Reading Quiz
4-26Conclusions (Benjamin and Daniel)  
5-5, noonFinal Presentations