Cracking the Coding Interview

Textbook: "Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition" by Gayle McDowell

General Information: Class meetings at 2:30pm W in CSI 257. The prerequisite for this course is CSCI 3322 - Algorithms.

Description: As the title and text imply, this is a seminar where we will go through the book having discussion and Q&A sessions. The goal is to make you as prepared as possible for going out and doing coding interviews.

Course Organization: Readings will be assigned for every class day. You are expected to do the readings and show up with two written questions that you will "hand in" at the beginning of class. The quality of these questions will will play a significant role in your grade. Time in class will be spent going over those questions in whatever way helps to make things clear.

Grading: Your grade for this course will come equally from two sources. 50% of your grade will be based on your contributions to class discussion of the readings as described above. The other 50% of your grade will come from your performance on a mock interview run by an outside interviewer. !!! Consider adding an element where they write solutions to things and post them on GitHub.

Schedule: This shows what chapters you are expected to read each week. This is subject to some change.
DateReading ChaptersDue
9/2I, II, IX.1, and IX.2 
9/9III and IX.3 
9/16IV and IX.4 
9/23V and IX.5 
9/30VI and IX.6 
10/7VII and IX.7 
10/14VIII and IX.8 
10/21IX.9 and IX.10 
10/28IX.11 and IX.12 
11/4IX.13 and IX.14 
11/18IX.15 and IX.16 
12/2IX.17 and Evals