This is a list of the topics that we will tentatively be discussing each day of the semester. I will add links from each one to the slides that I use during the lecture. Those should be present the night before the lecture at the latest. Also listed are the readings for each day and what is due on those days.
8-22Introduction to Class and the Functional ParadigmScheme Ch. 1 
8-24Basics of SchemeScheme Ch. 2 
8-27Recursion and Assignment
8-29RecursionScheme Ch. 3
9-3Labor Day
9-5Show Your Code and Libraries
IcP #1
9-7Procedures and Variable BindingsScheme Ch. 4Quiz #1 (Answers)
9-10FilesScheme Ch. 7 

9-14Show Your Code and Conditionals and RecursionScheme Ch. 5IcP #2
9-17Mapping, Folding, and More
9-19Simple Scheme ObjectsScheme Ch. 6Quiz #2 (Answers)
9-21Show Your Code and Strings and Vectors
IcP #3
9-24Symbols, Hashtables, and More
Assn #1
9-28Show Your Code and Records and LibrariesScheme Ch. 9 & 10IcP #4
10-1GUIsRacket GUI site 
Quiz #3 (Answers)
10-5Show Your Code and GUIs
IcP #5
10-8Finish up Scheme  
10-10Test (Review Sheet)
10-12No Class (Fall Break)  
10-15No Class (DPS)  
10-17No Class (DPS)  
10-19BasicsHaskell Ch. 1 Assn #2
10-22TypesHaskell Ch. 2
10-24FunctionsHaskell Ch. 3 
10-26Show Your Code and RecursionHaskell Ch. 4IcP #6
10-29Higher-Order FunctionsHaskell Ch. 5Quiz #4 (Answers)
10-31ModulesHaskell Ch. 6 
11-2Custom Types and Type ClassesHaskell Ch. 7
11-5Show Your Code and I/OHaskell Ch. 8 IcP #7
11-7More I/OHaskell Ch. 9 
11-9Functional Problem SolvingHaskell Ch. 10Assn #3
11-12Applicative FunctorsHaskell Ch. 11Quiz #5 (Answers)
11-14Show Your Code and MonoidsHaskell Ch. 12IcP #8
11-16MonadsHaskell Ch. 13 
11-19More MonadsHaskell Ch. 14
11-26Show Your Code and ZippersHaskell Ch. 15IcP #9
Quiz #6 (Answers)

12-3Show Your Code and Conclusions IcP #10
Final(Final Review Sheet) Assn #4