This is the schedule for CSCI1321. The table below lists what we will be discussing in each class meeting as well as the required readings and the due dates for assignments, quiz dates, and test dates.

Date Topics Readings Assignments Due Dates
8-25 Introduction to Class and Eclipse (video playlist) Ch. 1 and Appendix A    
8-30 Classes, Objects, and Encapsulation (video playlist) Ch. 2 MUD  
9-1 Finish Intro to OO (video playlist)
Ch. 3    
9-6 Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Subtyping (video playlist) Ch. 4 Graphical Game  
9-8 Show Code - More Inheritance and Subtyping

9-13 Parametric Types

Quiz #1 (Answers)
9-15 Other Collections (video playlist) Ch. 6 Map Assignment  
9-20 Show Code - Array Based Stacks and Queues (video playlist) Ch. 7 Projectiles and Shortest Path Graphical Game
9-22 Show Code - Multithreading and Futures (video playlist) Ch. 8
Map Assignment
9-27 Actors
Actor MUD Quiz #2 (Answers)
9-29 Show Code - Java Parallel Libraries (video playlist) Ch. 9
Projectiles and Shortest Path
10-4 Finish Threading, Start Streams (video playlist) Ch. 10

10-6 I/O Streams and XML Serialization

10-11 Networking (video playlist) Ch. 11 Networking MUD Quiz #3 (Answers)
10-13 Show Code - More Networking
Networking Graphics Actor MUD
10-18 DPS Conference (No Class)

10-20 Test (Review Sheet)

10-25 Linked Lists (video playlist) Ch. 12 Linked List Assignment
10-27 Show Code - List Based Stacks and Queues

Networked MUD
11-1 Priority Queues (video playlist, new playlist) Ch. 13 Priority Queue/Combat Assignment
11-3 Show Code - Refactoring (video playlist) Ch. 14
Networking Graphics and Linked List Assignment
11-8 Recursion (video playlist) Ch. 15 Recursion Assignment Quiz #4 (Answers)
11-10 Recursion

11-15 Show Code - Trees and Binary Trees (video playlist) Ch. 16 TreeMap Assignment Priority Queue/Combat Assignment
11-17 Finish Binary Trees

11-22 Grammars and RegEx (video playlist) Ch. 17
Quiz #5 (Answers)
11-24 Thanksgiving (No Class)

11-29 Show Code - Complete RegEx

Recursion and TreeMap Assignment
12-1 Start Binary Heaps (video playlist) Ch. 18 Heap Assignment Quiz #6 (Answers)
12-6 Show Code - Conclusions  
Heap Assignment
12-13, noon (Final Review Sheet)
Final Projects