This is the schedule for CSCI1321 during Fall 2014. The table below lists what we will be discussing in each class meeting as well as the required readings and the due dates for assignments, quiz dates, and test dates.

DateTopicsReadingsDue Dates
8-28Introduction to Class and Eclipse (video playlist)Ch. 16 
9-2Classes, Objects, and Encapsulation (video playlist)Ch. 17 
9-4The Project (video playlist)Ch. 18 
9-9Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Subtyping (video playlist)Ch. 19.1-2Assignment #1
9-11More Inheritance and SubtypingCh. 19.3 
9-16Parametric TypesCh. 19.4
9-18Other Collections (video playlist)Ch. 20Assignment #2, Quiz #1 (Answers)
9-23Multithreading and Concurrency Library (video playlist)Ch. 21.1-3Assignment #3
9-25Parallel Collections and Actor ThreadsCh. 21.4-8 
9-30I/O Streams (video playlist)Ch. 22Assignment #4, Quiz #2 (Answers)
10-2Streams and Networking (video playlist)Ch. 23.1-2
10-7More NetworkingCh. 23.3-6Assignment #5
10-9Array Based Stacks and Queues (video playlist)Ch. 24Assignment #6
10-14Linked Lists (video playlist)Ch. 25.1-5Quiz #3 (Answers)
10-16List Based Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues (video playlist)Ch. 25.6, 26Assignment #7
10-21Test (Review Sheet)

10-23Refactoring (video playlist) and Recursion (video playlist)Ch. 27, 28Assignment #8
10-28NASA Review Panel (No Class)

10-30NASA Review Panel (No Class)

11-4Trees and Binary Trees (video playlist)Ch. 29.1-2Assignment #9
11-6Finish Binary TreesCh. 29.3-4
11-11Grammars and RegEx (video playlist)Ch. 30.1-2Assignment #10, Quiz #4 (Answers)
11-13Parsers and Parser OutputCh. 30.3
11-18Start Spatial Trees (video playlist)Ch. 31.1-2Assignment #11
11-20Finish Spatial TreesCh. 31.3-4
11-25Binary Heaps (video playlist)Ch. 32Assignment #12, Quiz #5 (Answers)
12-2Actors (video playlist)Ch. 34Assignment #13
12-4Futures Quiz #6 (Answers)

Final(Final Review Sheet)
Assignment #14