This is a list of the topics that we will tentatively be discussing each day of the semester. I will add links from each one to the slides that I use during the lecture. Those should be present the night before the lecture at the latest. Also listed are the readings for each day and what is due on those days.

1-16Introduction to Class, Computers, and the Future of ComputingCh. 1 
1-21Linux Command Line, vi, and ScalaCh. 2 (video playlist) 
1-23Scala Expressions and Types plus Binary NumbersCh. 3.1-3.4 (video playlist) 
1-28Show Your Code with Machine Arithmetic, Strings, Variables, Sequential Execution, and ScriptsCh. 3.5-3.9IcP #1 (Chapter 2 Exercises, pick 3 except 1 & 2)
1-30Boolean Expressions and IfCh. 4.1-4.3 (video playlist)Quiz #1
2-4Boolean Expressions, Functions, and Function LiteralsCh. 4.4-4.5, 5.1-5.5 (video playlist)
2-6Show Your Code with Higher Order FunctionsCh. 5.6-5.7IcP #2 (Chapter 4 Projects)
2-11Recursion for RepetitionCh. 6.1-6.4 (video playlist)Quiz #2
2-13Show Your Code with Recursion, Match, and PatternsCh. 6.5-6.7IcP #3 (Chapter 5 Projects)
2-18Collection Types (Arrays and Lists)Ch. 7.1-7.4 (video playlist)
2-20Types and ArgumentsCh. 7.5-7.8Assignment #1 (Chapter 6 Projects)
2-25Argument Passing and While LoopsCh. 7.9-7.11, 8.1-8.2 (video playlist)Quiz #3
2-27Show Your Code with LoopsCh. 8.3-8.6IcP #4 (Chapter 7 Projects)
3-4Test (Review Sheet)

3-6No Class (SIGCSE)

3-11Spring Break

3-13Spring Break

3-18Show Your Code with FilesCh. 9 (video playlist)IcP #5 (Chapter 8 Projects)
3-20Case Classes for Grouping DataCh. 10 (video playlist)
3-25Show Your Code with Starting GUIsCh. 11.1-11.2 (video playlist)IcP #6 (Chapter 9 Projects)
3-27Interactive GUIsCh. 11.3-11.6Quiz #4
4-1GraphicsCh. 12.1-12.2 (video playlist)Assignment #2 (Chapter 10 Projects)
4-3GraphicsCh. 12.3-12.6
4-8Show Your Code with SortingCh. 13.1-13.2 (video playlist)IcP #7 (Chapter 11 Projects)
4-10SearchingCh. 13.3-13.5
4-15Show Your Code with Bugs, Memory Layout, and XMLCh. 13.6-13.7, 14.1-14.2 (video playlist)IcP #8 (Chapter 12 Projects)
4-17XML and RecursionCh. 14.3-14.4, 15.1 (video playlist)Quiz #5
4-22RecursionCh. 15.2-15.4Assignment #3 (Chapter 13 Projects)
4-24Show Your Code with Finish RecursionCh. 15.5-15.7IcP #9 (Chapter 14 Projects)
4-29Basics of Object-Orientation and EclipseCh. 16 (video playlist) & 17 (video playlist)Quiz #6
5-1Show Your Code and Conclusions
IcP #10 (Chapter 15)
Final(Final Review Sheet)
Assignment #4 (Chapter 16 Projects)