Histograms, Measures of Central Tendency, and Data Types


  • To introduce or review histograms as tools for exploring the distribution of data, and to rehearse the mechanics and role of histograms in the context of making maps that visualize tabular data. 
  • To discuss three measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode) in the context of histograms and data sets, in order to prepare students for using these tools to analyze data and select a classification scheme. 
  • To review the four types of data (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio) and the best indicators of central tendency for each, in order to inform the choice of classification scheme. 


Many student are familiar with data distribution, measures of central tendency, and data types; this module is intended as an optional refresher of these topics, and is also intended to help students new to map creation connect these familiar terms and concepts to the task of creating choropleth maps of classified data which perform to the standards identified in earlier modules. 

Part 1: Histograms (6:01)

Part 3: Types of Data (6:47)

Feedback on Histograms, Measures of Central Tendency, and Data Types