Creating Your Own Map

  • Find an appropriate dataset from the user community on the GeoCommons website;
  • Analyze the distribution of attributes of interest using Google Spreadsheets and the histogram gadget, and choose the appropriate classification scheme for your map;
  • Create, share, and critque a choropleth map of your data using GeoCommons.


Many tutorials exist for adding your own data and joining that data to geographic boundaries using tools such as ArcMap, Quantum GIS, and UDig.  Rather than digging into those mechanics, the goal of this exercise is to use free tools and existing data to focus on the impact of classification choices and the impact of those choices on the story the map tells.

We'll be using freely available tools like GeoCommons and Google Docs to find and analyze data, as well as make and share  maps.


Program Notes:

Instructions and URL for the histogram gadget

Feedback on Creating Your Own Map