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How to re-migrate already migrated objects using Default Finish

posted Jun 13, 2018, 4:43 AM by Unknown user
Hi All,

When we re-migrate any ticket which contains the solution objects which are attached to the ticket using Upload Objects tab, objects will be skipped through MigrationTool(as those are already migrated).

In such situation where we need to re-migrate the solution objects of any ticket(which are already migrated), we can use Default Finish option to achieve it.

Please follow the below steps to re-migrate using Default Finish option:

1) A ticket should be available in either MIGRATED TO TEST or MIGRATED TO PROD in migration level workflow in TRI2 PROD.
Ticket status can be checked using IssueMigrationStatus.jsp any time.

2) Open the required ticket's workbench in migration workflow by navigating in workflow to that particular state.
Eg: Application Object Migrator-> Auto Migration Workflow -> MIGRATED TO TEST

3) Select the required target instance using Target Instance LOV.

4) Cross check all the objects available in the ticket by clicking on Attached Objects(uncheck if required).

5) Click on Action->Default Finish button. All checked objects will be migrated and migration notification will be fired.

Note: If solution objects are mapped to ticket using Map CVS Objects or Map SVN Objects tabs, those object can be re-migrated without skipping by disabling the Skipped Validation Required? flag for target instance using Instance Registry.

Important: Default Finish functionality will not check the version and will migrate all objects available in the current ticket(even with the old versions). Please be very careful.