Tardy Policy


Dear Parents and Students,

Below is the 2011 -2012 Tardy Policy for Tri-Cities High School. 

Morning Lock-Out – All students who arrive to school late must report to the Commons. Teachers will not allow any late students into their class at the beginning of school without a pass.

2nd, 3rd & 4th Block – All Grades

First Tardy – Student receives a verbal warning and signs the unexcused tardy log.

Second Tardy – Student signs the unexcused tardy log in class, the teacher gets an updated phone number from the student and the teacher makes contact with the parent by the end of the day that the tardy occurred. If the student’s phone number is incorrect the teacher follows the procedure to get the corrected number including submitting a social worker referral (if needed).

Third or More Tardy – Student signs the unexcused tardy log and the teacher emails their assistant principal and cc: the department chair with the student name and the information from the previous two steps. The assistant principal will provide feedback to the teacher within 3 school days as to the outcome of the administrative tardy referral.

Friendly Reminders

No Restroom/Clinic passes the first and late fifteen minutes of class.

All students must have a pass while on the hall.

No Lockers between 2nd & 3rd Block and 3rd & 4th Block.

Please share this updated tardy policy with your child(ren)\ parents.