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Chateau de Hauterive

The wines of Cahors, whose vineyards were established at the time of the Roman conquest, have enjoyed a celebrated history. For a long time these wines were greatly appreciated by the English, who modified the course of the Lot River to allow them to be transported to Bordeaux. Among other distinctions, they are recorded as being served at the wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England.

The Filhol family has cultivated vines in Viré-sur-Lot for many generations, and has taken advantage of the expansion of the wines of the Cahors Appellation to give birth to the Domaine de Hauterive (High Bank).  Chateau de Hauterive and its Domaine of 19.5ha (47 acres) spreads over the terraces of the Lot River Valley. Their vineyards are located among the best terroir of the commune of Viré which has the reputation of being the best of the whole valley. The Filhol’s vineyards have a beautiful South/Southwest exposure and are located on the 2nd and 3rd terraces of the Lot River’s ancient alluvial soil deposits.  Its soft, friable limestone interspersed with marl,is ideally suited to the cultivation of vines because of its extreme permeability, and produces the most concentrated wine. The average age of the vines are 25 years, the oldest being more than 45 years. 70% of the vineyard is planted with Auxerrois or Côt, the local names for Malbec, and 30% Merlot. The Malbec grape varietal is the essence of the Cahors and brings the perfume of wild berries and its concentration of tannins to the wine, while the Merlot brings the roundness, fruitiness, alcohol, and refinement to the bouquet.

Theit vineyards are cultivated  according to the Terra Vitis practice; the cultivation of soil with organic matter without the use of chemicals, the growing of grass tin the vineyard to prevent erosion, and green harvesing to maximize the concentration (the cutting of leaves to maximize exposure of the grapes to the sun).