As the 2016-2017 school year begins, Triad is proud to be taking major steps toward a completely 1:1 school environment. That means that there will be one internet-ready device per student in the building. To start this transition, we will be distributing Chromebooks to the freshman class which will be theirs to use throughout the year. This will be a great opportunity for teachers and students alike to explore technology in the classroom and bring Triad High School to the cutting edge of progressive educational advancement. This new hardware paired with our Google Apps for Education will not only make communication and collaboration more efficient, it will also prepare students for the technological world they will be entering after high school is over.

Below are some resources that we provided to students and parents to help answer questions, clear up uncertainties and get students and parents excited about this incredible opportunity. 

THS Chromebook Presentation ‎(Open House 8/25/16)‎

Chromebook Pamphlet

Chromebook FAQs

Digital Citizenship Agreement