In the case of inclement weather if the host school district (Sigourney or Oskaloosa) CANCELS school – we will cancel classes at that Academy.


In the case that the host district DOES NOT CANCEL classes, but your district does, students are still expected to attend Academy classes.  It will be up to the students and parents to determine the safety of the student and if they’re able to make it in.  The students safety is of great importance. They should communicate with their instructor should they not be able to travel.


If IHCC CANCELS classes, Academy classes will not be held.


Delays/Late Starts/Early Dismissals


If the host district or IHCC has a late start/or early dismissal Academy will follow suit. 

If there’s a late start at the host district or IHCC – there will be no AM Academy classes.

If there’s an early out at the host district or IHCC – there will be no PM Academy classes (unless students are already in session).