E-Sword modules for download are easy to find.  More difficult are modules that reflect the Truth that is to be found in the pages of The Bible.  This site is intended to rectify that omission and to help brethren and sisters in the Christadelphian community to download, use and expand the computer Bible program E-Sword.  Much of the material available in the download section is already well-known to Christadelphians.

Placing these downloads within your E-Sword program will make them easier to access and should prove a help with the daily readings and for more intense study.  It's not for the exclusive use of Christadelphians - anyone is welcome to search the site and make use of what's here.  It should help with your understanding of God's Word and His purpose with this world.

This site is a work-in-progress, so please bookmark this page and return regularly for updates.  The latest update was on 29th October 2016.  If you want to be notified when significant updates are made, or if you want to comment on the site, e-mail us at e-sword@trelfer.co.uk.