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Pioneer Leadership Certificate Program

The Pioneer Leadership Certificate Program
is an experiential co-curricular leadership certificate program aimed at educating, training, and preparing students to be values-congruent leaders who are committed to creating positive social change on-campus, within the community, and as future pioneers of the world. 

The program has four certificate levels and students partaking in the program will complete certificate requirements via a small cohort that meets regularly and/or through a self-paced model with the support of a Pioneer Leadership Guide.  The program is set up to meet students where they are in terms of their leadership knowledge and development – therefore, an initial intake assessment will be done with each student in order to learn more about their leadership background, their involvement and engagement on-campus, and the goals they hope to achieve as a participant in the program.  This inclusive program allows students to start at any time during their undergraduate experience and they can complete as many certificates levels as they so choose.

The program culminates with a leadership capstone experience requiring the student to apply and synthesize what he or she has learned throughout the Pioneer Leadership Certificate Program.  Upon completion, the student will earn the distinction of a Pioneer Leadership Fellow and will be recognized with a leadership medallion at a formal ceremony presided over by the vice president of student affairs.