Auphonic Leveler

Auphonic Leveler is a desktop (stand alone) Loudness batch processing program for Mac and PC.

TWR bought licenses for producing partners! I you want one (and if you qualify), please contact your local technical support.

Before you start:

It is best to Loudness normalise each elements
of you program individually
BEFORE you put all together!

How to to use Auphonic:

Once you have installed Auphonic, start it. The current version (1.x) looks like this:

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Drag-and-drop files in the left window:

Open the Preferences window and select the Algorithm Details tab and set the parameters as seen on the picture below:

Chose the Output Format as needed. (Note the Mono mixdown option!)
Remember the TWR standard: Wave, MP3 mono with 128 kbps or stereo with 256 kbps.

Chose the Output Files name and location:
I usually create a sub folder called "Loudness Normalised" and save the normalised files with the original name in it...

No need to do anything the the Intro/Outro tab.
Just leave the default values in the Warnings and Harware tabs.

Close the Preferences window.

Chose the Target Loudness.
Remember the TWR standard: -16 LUFS for stereo, -19 LUFS for mono ans Split Track.
Note: if you source file is stereo but you select Mono mixdown, you should normalise to -19 LUFS!

Chose Adaptive Leveler, High Pass Filter and Noise Hum Reduction for best results.
We found best results with all three turned on... but that is your choice.

That's it, click on Process All Files and wait...
I calculated a speed of 7-20x real time, depending on your computer resources.

How to install Auphonic with a TWR license:
Activation Code and instructions are available with your regional technical support.