TransitUp: Making your ride in NYC more awesome

Under the wheels of a car on Canal Street


Our goal: To save millions of New Yorkers time and money by giving them the precise, real-time transit information they crave.

We're not a government agency, we don’t run the trains, and we don’t drive the buses—we just want to harness technology to make them better, for you.  Because New Yorkers deserves the best commute they can get.

We’re TransitUp and we're here to help.  We want to shift the emphasis from transit frustration to transit joy, through better information flow, to you the end customer.

We want to propel New York City's subway into the same league as Boston, San Francisco, and D.C. with detailed, specific real time subway information available to all.  Not just generalized, sometimes much latent (or outright missing) service alerts from MTA, but actual information about where your train is, and when it will show it up at your station.

Real-time transit frees you from worrying about when (or if) your next train will show up, and lets you make an informed decision about whether you have extra time to finish your bagel, your beer, or your conversation with a co-worker, or run out the door to get the next train.

Even better, by taking the mystery out of real-time trains arrivals during late nights and weekends, real-time information can save you serious cash on a cab ride home by letting you make an informed decision as to when to get the train when they’re running few and far between. 

Most of all, getting people out of cars and into transit is a serious win for quality of life and the environment.

Unfortunately, MTA does not have the kind of modern technology built into most of the subway network that would let them provide open subway arrival information the way other agencies do.  So our plan is to step up and build our own train monitoring network.  Ambitious?  Yes, but NYC is an ambitious town.

Anyway, we’d like to get as much as feedback as possible from New Yorkers like you, and most importantly, to get votes on which part of the system you want to see real-time subway information on first.  Send your ideas for a brighter transit  future to ideas@transitup.com.  We'll listen to your ideas, and keep you up to date on the future.

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We're starting off nyc centric, but hope to scale up to other transit centers of the world, so you don't need to be bashful if you're outside of the five boroughs.

Thanks, and watch this site for continued updates in the near future.

* transitUp real-time transit technology is patent pending.