Welcome to the second issue of Understanding the Issues e-newsletter. The Transition STEM team has been hard at work planning the think tank and want you to arrive in Kansas City fully prepared to contribute your ideas to helping Wounded Warriors earn degrees and build careers in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

The goal of Transition STEM: A Wounded Warriors Think Tank is to produce a collective response to transition issues facing Wounded Warriors and identify recommendations for improved supports, policy, and funding. Everyone attending Transition STEM has a lot to offer by way of experience, scholarship, and accomplishments. In talking with participants, the Transition STEM team has been impressed by everyone's interest in the topic and desire to make a contribution through the think tank process. We are also impressed by your desire to become familiar with aspects of Transition STEM that are outside of your experience, scholarship, and accomplishments. We hope this e-newsletter helps you stay connected to the think tank through the month of July and helps you prepare to contribute to our collective response.

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