To Authors

May 12, 2013


ARTTE ‘Applied Researches in Technics, Technologies and Education’


Another scientific journal! It is modest, colorless among numerous richly illustrated and glossy advertising magazines.

Is it justified its existence? It is your right to assess. Before it allows us submit briefly  intentions and concerns of the editorial board.

Journal ARTTE ‘Applied Researches in Technics, Technologies and Education’ is published by Faculty of Technics and Technologies of Yambol, Trakia University of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

New journal of Faculty of Technics and Technologies has an ambition to serve researchers from different scientific spheres, our doctoral candidates, inquisitive students and all connoisseurs of science, in other words:

 to reflect information about development of new scientific areas in national, European and world scale;

 to reflect the state of science and new scientific achievements of scientists in Bulgaria and abroad;

● to acquaint readers with the current problems of science, technics and modern technologies;

● to publish articles in scientific and methodological issues;

● to publish scientific materials in the area of organization and management of education;

We live in complicated time. Bulgarian scientific community should not only survive but contribute to the renewal of our country also.

Dear Colleagues,

We rely on your mind, awareness, initiative and criticism, your suggestions and materials. We will strive the journal to be your platform to boost your research, to link you with Bulgarian and foreign scientists.

With your help Journal ‘Applied Researches in Technics, Technologies and Education’ can help to overcome the difficulties, to add strength the Bulgarian scientific community for maintaining and developing the interest in science!

Editorial board is eager to present you a new scientific journal, in which you'll find new methods, methodologies and approaches in the following main scientific areas: Mechanical Engineering; Automotive and Agricultural Machinery; Fashion and Textile Design and Technologies; Electrical Engineering; Electronics and Automation; Computer Technology; Energetics; Food Technology; and Lifelong Learning.

Scientists are aware of the conditions under which they prepare and publish the journal. We believe that the difficulties are transient and if we have made ​​mistakes they can be removed. But there is something much more difficult – to satisfy readers with high emphasis on individual and rigorous style. We are aware of the vast range of approaches, opinions and interests that characterize a vibrant scientific community. We realize the issues of this journal can not be done without the active support of all participants - young and established scientists .

Regardless of our diverse interests there is something that binds us together. It is love of science, search for new knowledge, high moral principles, our willingness to be helpful for Bulgaria.

Thank you for having our journal in your hands, for your time for deployment new scientific journal ARTTE! Thank you for reading its online version! We ask you to cooperate with us for popularizing the journal and to spread it order to make it useful for all people who has  interests and respect for science.  

We wish the new journal to enter into universities, institutes, research libraries and laboratories, scientists’ offices!

We wish it will become the partner in life of scientists for whom discussing issues on the pages of journal are interesting and necessary!


Prof. Georgi Tassev, DSc